Godrevey Lighthouse, Cornwall, 2014

Self Portrait. The Milky Way over Point Quay, Cornwall. 2015

An image can be read as many different ways as there are people to see it. This website showcases some of my favorite images and time-lapse work and the experiences I have had capturing them. These moments will have their own meaning to you. Some may look at the image above and see the lighthouse, some may see the Ocean, some the rocks, some warmth, some cold. Looking at this image it's easy to see where my passion for landscape came from. This is where i grew up.

Thunderstorms light up Nang Thong beach at sunset, Thailand 2014.

On board camera operator, Almeria 2012. Image by Mark Lloyd www.lloydimages.com

I have been lucky enough to have spent much of my life living in some of the most naturally beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. Surrounded by the Cornish coastline as a child it didn't take me long before I was out taking photos with my Dad’s old 35mm SLR. My interest in photography and moving images has been with me for as long as I can remember and it as only a matter of time before I was out taking photos of the places I loved.

Through following these passions I have been lucky enough to have spent the last 7 years working in the broadcast media industry, and more recently in sports TV. In that time I have found myself travelling the world doing the things I love as a video editor and camera operator. More recently I have been providing high end, degree level training in video camera and post production.

This space is where I take a step back from the crazy pace of broadcast media and take time to enjoy the world around me whether its watching the sunset from a cliff edge or spending the night under the stars. The images on this space represent my vision and passion for exploring the world around me.